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We create spaces that reflect  and celebrate the people who live in them.

We serve homeowners, builders, and general contractors.

We provide interior design for new home builds, renovations, and living space improvements. We support our clients through all phases of the design and build process with collaborative partnership, courtesy, and integrity.

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Meet Jonell


Jonell Lay founded Rae Adam Design Studio out of her passion for helping people, love of design, and desire to create great experiences.


She has a gift for connecting with her clients. Her goal is to create spaces for them that reflect who they are while embodying a sophisticated, cohesive, and comfortable aesthetic. She is fully committed to helping her clients see their vision come to life - start to finish.

Explore the precision and flair of a Professional Interior Designer, Jonell Lay, at our Interior Design Studio.
Our Work

Our work is a thoughtful and deliberate reflection of our clients. Life isn’t cookie-cutter, and the design of your living space shouldn’t be either. What you'll find consistent in our designs are purposeful decisions with an undercurrent of sophistication, cohesiveness, and comfort.

elegant and modern kitchen designed by rae adam design studio in raleigh north carolina
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Like what you see?

We'd love to help you craft your vision and create your dream living space. 

beautifully designed chefs kitchen by Rae Adam Design Studio with a mom and son laughing by the sink
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